How to stop a cat from spraying on the owner’s clothes

Cat urine has a very strong and distinct odor that is difficult to remove. When a cat starts spraying outside her litter, she may be trying to communicate with you. Stress and illness are common reasons cats sometimes choose other places to relieve themselves. It could be on a bed, a fluffy rug or even the clothes of its owner. It seems that once a cat chooses a place to urinate, she will return there again and again unless you find a way to break the habit. Here are some steps you can try on how to stop a cat from spraying on the owner’s clothes.

• Take him to the vet. Urinary tract and bladder infections are common diseases that cause cats to urinate on things like clothes. Waiving a medical condition should be your first step to solving the problem of improper disposal with your cat. Infections can be treated with medications, which I hope will solve your problem.

• Remove the smell of urine. Once a cat has peed on something, it will be able to smell its urine. Unless you have washed the garment with a product designed to eliminate cat urine, traces of the odor will remain and your cat will go back there to make his business. Commercial enzymatic products are available in pet stores. You can also add 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to your laundry to remove cat urine.

• Take a look at the litter box. A dirty litter will often lead a cat to choose other places to urinate. She can choose your clothes to make sure that you know she has a problem that should tend to. Clean her litter every day and see if the situation improves.

• Try to devote at least 15 minutes of quality to your cat every day. Constraint on being left alone or adding a new pet or baby can cause tensions in your cat’s life, leading to litter box problems. Daily attention and caress at will go a long way to de-stress your kitten and help her to feel secure and loved. Omit toys for it when you are absent.

• Pick up the clothes. Do not leave your clothes on the floor where it has access to them. If your cat is peeing on clothes in a laundry basket, make sure all the baskets are secured in a closet or behind a closed door. Sometimes removing the temptation to view your cat is enough to prevent the situation.

Never use any form of physical violence to discipline your cat for unwanted behavior. This will only lead to confidence in more problems.